Hauppauge, NY – September 16, 2010 - MITEQ Inc. introduces a new addition to its family of K-band waveguide LNAs. Model JDM2WK-18002600-25-10P is a very low noise, high dynamic range waveguide front end with WR-28 waveguide input and K(F) connector output. Additional options include pressure windows and three flange configurations, choke, grooved, and cover.

The JDM2WK-18002600-25-10P is lightweight and has a small profile and footprint. The aluminum alloy housing is environmentally sealed and also fully EMI shielded. LNA includes reverse voltage protection and full internal regulation. Total weight is approximately 32 grams, and dimensions are 58.12 mm x 22.35 mm x 22.35 mm.

The JDM2WK-18002600-25-10P has a typical noise figure of 2.5 dB and a P1dB of 10 dBm. Output IP3 is 20 dBm minimum. Small-signal gain is 42 dB and gain flatness is ±2 dB maximum. Current draw is nominally 150 mA from a single +15V supply, with an operating temperature of -54 to +85°C case.

Additional options include optimization for improved narrow band performance. LNA design can be upscreened for space and perform in cryogenic applications. For more information visit the company’s website by clicking the following link: http://www.miteq.com/products/viewmodel.php?model=JDM2WK-18002600-25-10P&tr=10.