New Tri-Band Frequency Synthesizers with Integrated VCO. Fractional-N Synthesizers with Auto-Calibrated, Wideband VCO.

Chelmsford, MA 05/27/2010 - Hittite Microwave Corporation, the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets has introduced two full-featured Fractional-N PLL Frequency Synthesizers with integrated Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs). The HMC838LP6CE and HMC839LP6CE synthesizers include a wideband, low noise VCO with auto-calibration subsystem, low noise PFD and dividers, and a precision charge-pump. These synthesizers provide exceptional noise performance and industry-leading spurious performance, while consuming only 650 mW.

The HMC838LP6CE and HMC839LP6CE synthesizers deliver exceptional phase noise and industry-leading spurious performance. No other pre-packaged PLL solution is capable of reliably delivering this level of phase noise performance: -227 dBc/Hz figure-of-merit (FOM) in fractional-N mode (-230 dBc/Hz FOM integer-N mode). With common channel spacing (200 kHz, 20 kHz loop bandwidth), Spurious-Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) of 75 dB is typical. Even under worst case conditions, with the synthesizer tuned very close to an integer multiple of the comparison frequency, SFDR still exceeds 52 dB.

The HMC838LP6CE is tunable over three separate frequency bands: 780 MHz to 950 MHz, 1560 MHz to 1900 MHz, and 3120 MHz to 3800 MHz. The HMC839LP6CE is tunable over three separate frequency bands: 1030 MHz to 1210 MHz, 2060 MHz to 2420 MHz, and 4120 MHz to 4840 MHz.

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