AR Pulse Probe Approved For FORD-EMC-CS-2009 Specification. AR Model PL7004 is the only commercial pulsed E-field probe approved for the new spec.

Souderton, PA β€” March 30, 2010 β€” AR/RF Microwave Instrumentation has the distinction of having the only commercially available pulsed E-field probe that is approved by name in the new FORD-EMC-CS-2009 specification.

The new specification, which addresses the pulse e-field probe method calibration for ALSE method bands 6 & 7, singles out AR Model PL7004 (800 MHz to 3.6 GHz / 80 to 800 V/m) as the only commercial pulsed E-field probe capable of accurately measuring the high-field strengths needed to conduct the tests.

The PL7004 laser powered E-field probe was created specifically for use in measuring E-fields found in radiated immunity testing and GMW3097 and FORD-EMC-CS-2009 automotive radar pulse tests. It is designed to measure the RMS value of the β€œon” time of a pulsed electric field. Each probe is supplied with basic calibration data.

A smart, fast, extremely accurate pulsed electric field probe, the PL7004 contains an internal microprocessor to provide linearization, temperature compensation, control and communication functions. Noise reduction and temperature compensation allow accurate measurements without zero adjustment.

The probe is laser-powered to allow for continuous operation without battery recharging or replacement. It communicates and is powered through glass fiber optic cables, up to 100 meters long, connecting to the Fl7000 interface. X, Y, Z, and composite readings can be returned through the FI7000 in 20 millisecond. This probe can measure pulsed electric fields with pulse rates a low as 200 Hz and pulse widths as short as 1uS.

The PL7004 is not designed to respond to CW fields. AR offers an extensive line of field probes for CW measurement.