Mphysics imageCST MPHYSICS STUDIO (CST MPS) is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for thermal and mechanical stress analysis. Systems and devices very rarely fall neatly into just one area of physics, and multiphysics simulation is often necessary for a complete simulation of the device’s characteristics.

High-frequency fields, currents and particle collisions are all sources of heat that EM engineers frequently encounter, and so CST MPS is fully integrated into CST STUDIO SUITE to enables coupled EM-multiphysics simulation with other tools such as CST MICROWAVE STUDIO, CST EM STUDIO and CST PARTICLE STUDIO. With the CST MPS thermal solver, the changes in temperature generated by these interactions can be modeled, and heat flow within the device simulated to test the performance of heat sinks and ensure the reliability of temperature-sensitive components. The thermal solver can even simulate bioheat effects, to calculate how fields will interact with the body.

From the temperature distribution, CST MPS can also calculate the thermal expansion of the components and the stress and strain within it as it presses against its housing, using the mechanical solver. The results of the thermal expansion simulation can even be fed back into the EM simulations, offering the opportunity to perform a sensitivity analysis of the device’s response to heating.

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