R&S SMA100A signal generator: one-box solution for configuring and analyzing complex pulse trains

Munich, July 27, 2009 — Rohde & Schwarz now offers two new options for its R&S SMA100A analog high end signal generator. By adding the R&S SMA K27 option, users can quickly configure different pulse trains for tests in radar-specific development, production and maintenance. An external pulse generator is no longer needed. The R&S SMA K28 option is the only solution on the market that can analyze signal power versus frequency, power and time simply by using the R&S SMA100A signal generator together with a power sensor from the R&S NRP-Z family. Component manufacturers can therefore benefit from a solution that is simpler and more cost-effective than any other on the market.

Pulse trains consist of pulses that have different durations. Their pulse width and pulse pause can be user-configured. Such signals are frequently used in radar systems. Interfering with such pulses is far more difficult than with pulses sent at regular intervals. Plus, these pulses enable radar receivers to detect incorrect measurements more easily and to prevent blind spots on the radar image.

The R&S SMA-K27 option is based on the pulse modulator integrated into the R&S SMA100A as standard and the optional high-performance pulse generator (R&S SMA-K23), utilizing their dynamic range and speed. The user can therefore quickly and easily generate pulse trains with very short rise and fall times – using only one instrument. In the past, such scenarios could only be created by using an additional external pulse generator, which meant a more complex test setup.

The R&S SMA K28 option enables the user to perform a power analysis of signals directly by using the R&S SMA100A and a power sensor from the R&S NRP-Z family. Using the analysis function versus time, the user can measure different parameters such as pulse rise and fall times as well as pulse width and pulse dynamic range. In addition, DUT analyses versus power and frequency are possible, for instance when measuring the compression point or the frequency response. Markers make it possible to determine the power at a specific point.

The R&S SMA-K27 (pulse trains) and R&S SMA-K28 (power analysis) options are available now from Rohde & Schwarz.