Chelmsford, MA, 7/03/08 – Hittite Microwave Corporation, the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets, has introduced a new GaAs MMIC Active x2 Frequency Multiplier chip, which allows radio designers to achieve continuous output frequency coverage from 22 to 46 GHz. This Active x2 Frequency Multiplier also provides excellent fundamental and subharmonic suppression in clock generation, point-to-point radio, military & space, VSAT, and test equipment applications.

The HMC598 Active x2 Frequency Multiplier utilizes GaAs PHEMT technology, and is offered in bare die form. The device is comprised of an input amplifier, a low conversion loss frequency doubler, and an output buffer amplifier. When driven with a +5 dBm input signal, this frequency multiplier provides +15 dBm typical output power from 22 to 46 GHz, and the Fo and 3Fo isolations are 25 dBc and 15 dBc respectively at 30 GHz. The high output power capability of the HMC598 also allows designers to conveniently drive many of Hittite’s Double-Balanced and I/Q MMIC Mixer products directly.

The HMC598 Active x2 Frequency Multiplier may be used to build clock generation circuits implementing OC-768 and STM-256 optical standards. Also ideal for use in LO multiplier chains for point-to-point and millimeterwave radios, the HMC598 requires no external components and only standard bias decoupling capacitors, yielding a reduced parts count compared with traditional design approaches.

The HMC598 die operates over the -55 to +85ºC temperature range. Die samples are readily available from stock and can be ordered via the company’s e-commerce site or via direct purchase order. A released data sheet is available on-line at