The antennas you need for virtually any testing procedures are right here at AR. We offer a complete variety of rugged, high-power antennas; and since all are frequency and power matched to AR amplifiers, it's easy to select exactly the right unit.

Antennas are available up to 50 GHz and 15,000 watts of input power. All AR antennas develop high fields, suitable for EMC testing; and many models can be calibrated for emissions testing.

Our newest family of antennas supply high intensity fields necessary for DO160 HIRF testing. These 3 antennas are high gain, high power microwave horn antennas that provide a minimum gain of 20 dB over isotropic. They are extremely compact and lightweight for ready mobility, but are tough enough to withstand the extra demands of outdoor use and easily mounts on a tripod or mounting plate. They are suited to used with our high power, pulsed traveling wave tube amplifiers

• AT4444 - covers 2 - 4 GHz and can handle 1000 watt CW / 17 kw pulse input power • AT4446 - covers 4 - 6 GHz and can handle 800 watt CW / 15 kw pulse input power • AT4448 - covers 6 - 8 GHz and can handle 700 watt CW 10 kw pulse input power