March 4, 2008 -- State College, PA

Remcom announced today the availability of a time-enhancing module for their Wireless InSite® software. Wireless InSite is an RF planning tool used for site-specific radio signal propagation prediction using ray tracing methods and the Uniform Theory of Diffraction and the Geometric Theory of Diffraction (UTD/GTD). The Wireless InSite Real Time Module provides Wireless InSite with a very rapid deterministic propagation capability for urban environments. The RT Module produces higher fidelity results than empirical techniques but at greatly reduced computation times compared to full physics-based models.

“We wanted to give our customers more options for times when speed was more important than a fully developed analysis,” said Raymond Luebbers, President and CEO of Remcom. “Now, engineers can save time when a complex model is not necessary.”

Given the location of a transmitter and receiver, the RT Module determines the relevant geometry between them and performs a rapid computation of path loss. Loss results are returned in milliseconds, depending on the propagation model, the size and complexity of the urban environment, and the locations of the transmitter and receiver. These almost instant computation times allow for coverage of large areas, or for near-real-time simulations of transmitter and receiver networks.

The RT Module also allows user-defined objects to be placed into the urban “scene” and their effects on the electromagnetic environment subsequently integrated into the propagation computation. This allows the user to simulate the effects of vehicles and other moving objects in the results.

For application developers who wish to develop their own graphical user interfaces and visualization tools, or who wish to integrate the Real Time Module’s capability into an existing application, the RT Module is available as a library with a C++ API, which can operate independently of Wireless InSite.