MITEQNPR-003PhotosmallMITEQ introduces a new addition to its family of wide band high-dynamic range amplifiers. AMF-4D-01000800-85-30P is a connectorized small outline high-dynamic range amplifier, covering multi-octave bandwidth from 1 to 8 GHz. The housing is 23mm (H) x 18mm (L) x 8mm (W) without the connectors and heat sink.

The amplifier is environmentally sealed, EMI shielded and includes reverse voltage protection, in addition to full internal regulation. Nominal small-signal gain is a minimum of 28 dB while noise figure is less than 8 dB across the full band. Maximum gain variation is less then +/-1.5 dB typically over the full frequency band and temperature range. Current draw is nominally 1000 mA at P1dB from a single 15 VDC supply. Minimum P1dB is typically 30 dBm. Port VSWR is typically less than 2:1 for the full band also.

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