RFMDRF3930_34LsmallRFMD introduces the RF393X family of 48V gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors. Offering enhanced performance from 10W to 120W and very wide tunable bandwidth, this portfolio of 48V GaN transistors demonstrates the superior combination of high power and bandwidth offered by RFMD’s GaN technology versus competing GaAs and silicon LDMOS technologies.

RFMD’s RF393X product family is comprised of five 48V GaN unmatched power transistors, each of which delivers gain in the range of 14dB to 16dB and high peak drain efficiency of greater than 65 percent at 2.1GHz. The superior performance characteristics of RFMD’s GaN power transistors make them ideal for wideband, high efficiency power amplifier applications, such as broadcast television, wireless infrastructure, high power radar, aerospace and avionics.

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