Narda Microwave-East, an L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) company, today introduced a comprehensive line low-noise amplifier modules that cover up to 18 GHz in bands, with noise figures as low as 1.8 dB, gain as high as 28 dB (+/-2 dB or less), and P1dB output power up to 20 dBm. They are excellent choices for applications ranging from broadband test equipment to various aerospace and defense systems, and meet MIL-STD-883. The NEL-0618T620-5MH low-noise broadband amplifier, for example, covers 6 to 18 GHz, with P1dB output power of at least 20 dBm, gain of 28 dB +/-2 dB or less, and a noise figure of 4 dB. It operates from a single +12 VDC supply, draws 490 mA or less, and is temperature compensated. The NEL-0102N305-1MH low-noise broadband amplifier covers 500 MHz to 2 GHz with a noise figure of 2 dB or less, gain of at least 28 dB +/-0.5 dB, and P1dB output power of at least 5 dBm. It operates from a single +12 VDC supply and draws 150 mA or less. The input and output VSWR of both amplifiers is 2:1 or better, and their standard package is Narda's 5MH low-profile, nickel-plated aluminum housing, which allows connectors to be removed for surface mounting and is hermetically sealed. The amplifiers will accept a maximum RF input power of +17 dBm CW or +27 dBm pulse (1 µs, 1% duty cycle) and operate over a temperature range of -54o C to +85o C.