eSMA_PR1San-tron, Inc., ( a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has announced the release of a new high performance connector to address the problem of signal transmission and fragility of solder joints in hand-formable cable assemblies. Santron’s eSMA connector features a new extended ferrule and enhanced performance from an innovative internal design. This connector also features: failure-proof coupling nuts; EZ style, solder free, captivated center contacts; and a solder damming positive cable stop. They come standard with gold plated bodies and gold plated center contacts. They are also weatherproof and provide 50 ohm constant impedance.

Santron eSMA cable assemblies are delivered with eSMA connectors professionally installed on Times Microwave Systems TFlex™ cable. They feature a typical VSWR of 1.17:1 through 20 GHz (1.10 in specific bands below 12.4 GHz) and robust connections, in that they can be bent firmly and simply even up close to the connector, where many solder joints in hand-formable assemblies often break. And unlike hand-formable assemblies, which inherently spike unpredictably, the flat and predictable broadband VSWR performance of Santron eSMA cable assemblies allows designers to consider these flexible assemblies over higher cost semi-rigid assemblies.

An additional feature of Santron eSMA assemblies is passive intermodulation performance of < -150 dBc typical. They’re also lighter weight than, and have comparable loss to standard semi-rigid coax. The flexible nature of TFlex eliminates the need for hand or precision machine bending and allows cables to be routed through the most convenient or desired path.

TFlex cable is lightweight, FEP jacketed, corrosion resistant, phase and attenuation stable, and provides excellent shielding. The combined mechanical design of this new eSMA and TFlex cable creates a unique assembly when performance, cost and flexibility are key application requirements.

eSMAs are available as plugs, bulkhead jacks & flange mounted jacks for a completed in-box solution. eSMA assemblies are built-to-spec in desired lengths and delivered with short lead times. They are available in cable sizes.086 (TFlex 405) and .141 (TFlex 402). Sample requests can be made online.

Pricing for 2 foot assembly eSMA plug to eSMA plug start under $50 @ quantities of 10+. (Prices may vary depending on material/cable costs at time of purchase.) Delivery: stock to 6 weeks.

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