Using newly developed high voltage RF power technology combined with innovative and cost-effective over-molded plastic packaging, Freescale Semiconductor announced an expansion into the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) market. A leader in the demanding cellular infrastructure market, Freescale is extending its technology and packaging leadership into the ISM market with transistors designed for both the HF/VHF frequency space (10 to 450 MHz) and the 2.45 GHz ISM band.

This expansion was spawned by the development of 50 V VHV6 RF LDMOS technology (high voltage 6th generation RF laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor), a 50 V enhancement to Freescale's widely-accepted 28 V LDMOS technology. The increase to a 50 V supply voltage in LDMOS technology allows the designer to achieve higher power levels and to attain performance levels that Freescale claims to exceed those available in the ISM marketplace today. In addition, availability of devices in over-molded plastic packaging allows for the most cost-effective ISM solutions available.

"Freescale's market leadership in RF power for cellular infrastructure, combined with the development of 50 V LDMOS technology, puts us in a unique position to expand into the ISM space with truly innovative products," said Gavin P. Woods, vice president and general manager of Freescale's RF Division. "Additionally, our leadership in over-molded plastic packaging will allow customers to develop the most cost-effective solutions available for ISM applications, such as plasma generators and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) systems." The flagship of Freescale's ISM product offering is the MRF6V2300NB, a 300 W, 50 V LDMOS transistor with a frequency of operation up to 450 MHz and manufactured in the TO-272-WB-4 over-molded plastic package. This device can produce 27 dB of gain at an efficiency of 68 percent. This level of performance allows ISM system designers to eliminate gain stages, and thus reduce overall system cost and decrease board area. In addition to best-in-class performance, the device is extremely stable with a ruggedness tolerance of 10:1 VSWR.

Freescale is expanding into two distinct ISM frequency markets: the HF/VHF market and the 2.45 GHz ISM band. Addressing the HF/VHF space from 10 to 450 MHz, Freescale is offering three transistors that use VHV6 50V LDMOS technology. These include the flagship MRF6V2300NB, as well as the MRF6V2150NB (150 W, 69 percent efficiency, 25 dB gain) and the MRF6V2010NB (10 W, 68 percent efficiency, 25 dB gain). For the 2.45 GHz ISM band, Freescale offers three devices that use 28 V LDMOS technology: the MRF6P24190H (190 W, 46 percent efficiency, 13 dB gain), the MRF6S24140H (140 W, 45 percent efficiency, 13 dB gain) and the MW6IC2420NB (2-stage 20 W, 21 percent efficiency, 21 dB gain).

Sample quantities of all six ISM devices are available today. Additionally, all three 2.45 GHz devices are in production now. The MRF6V2150NB is planned to be available in full production in August 2006, and the MRF6V2300NB and MRF6V2010NB are planned to be available in full production in Q4 2006.