Each Gator™ Transmitter is housed in a high impact ABS water-resistant case. It has a built-in agile frequency synthesizer, dynamically controlled power amplifier and a built-in modem and DTMF (touch-tone) decoding allowing remote control of all transmitter parameters via a phone line or cellular telephone. Remote adjustments include the power level, channel or frequency assignment, and transmit On/Off. All Gators™ feature a Class A amplifier for the purest and most stable signal output. · Available in 25 Watt Class A, 45 Watt Class A (10 or 20 Watt Class A for PCS) and many more frequencies. See below. · Pure spectrum Class A power amplifier · Weighs 25 pounds · Power amplifier with continuous adjustable power output ± 0.1dB over > 32 dB range · Water resistant, rugged 18" x 15" x 6" ABS plastic case · Microprocessor-controlled with front panel soft-keys or remotely controlled with an internal modem allowing for user programmable modulation schemes, power levels, channels, and frequencies. · 240 x 64 LCD with vacuum fluorescent backlighting · VSWR antenna protection and internal forward and reverse measurement · Dual cooling fans lBuilt-in thermal overheat protection for amplifier · Battery backed-up SRAM stores all user selectable parameters in the event of a power loss · Powered from 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, UL, CSA, CE and FCC approved · CW identifier for FCC CP identification · All parameters can be adjusted remotely via RS-232 or the internal modem or DTMF signaling tones