The Coyote™ is is a high performance, modular receiver system providing precision, dual-band signal strength measurements using two independent receivers. It is internally powered (or may be externally) and logs measurements and displays graphically, a wide assortment of built-in realtime macro measurements. These include RSSI, adjacent channel, "best server", peak hold and A-band or B-band scan analysis. The Coyote is convenient for finding RF "shadows" in indoor wireless systems for drive-around studies to detect RF leakage and propagation coverage. The Compact Flash card can be removed from the Coyote and inserted directly into any accomodating PC for data post processing. Users may install any two of the frequency modules listed below simultaneously. · Dual modular receivers allow users to scan and swap various bands simultaneously (PCS+Cellular, ISM+MMDS, WiMAX+WCS, etc.) · High measurement rate, more than twice that of Dr. Lee's recommended 40 lambda · Internal 12-channel differential removeable GPS receiver · Fast charge circuit (<2 hours) · 64MB Compact Flash Card memory system for post processing data · USB and serial ports for fast connectivity to any PC · Weighs only 7 pounds fully loaded