BumbleBee-EX™ is a rugged, calibrated spectrum analyzer all-in-one system. The handheld receiver measures the popular wireless Wi-MAX frequencies between 2.0-4.0 GHz and 4.9-5.9 GHz. BumbleBee-EX allows users to scan, display and record multiple RF waveforms for network installation, coverage and interference analysis. The color, touch-screen allows field engineers to tap on points of interest in any waveform and "zoom" in for further analysis. Advanced spectrum analysis features include 3 waveform, peak hold, peak search and user selectable power triggers. BumbleBee-EX allows for realtime spectral analysis of many wireless standards including RFID, VoIP, 802.11b/a/g & Bluetooth as well as unidentified RF interference such as microwaves and cordless phones. BumbleBee-EX takes the power of sophisticated laboratory spectrum analyzers and puts it in user's hands. -2.0-4.0 GHz, 4.9-5.9 GHz Spectrum Analysis -Identify RFID, VoIP, 802.11 & Other ISM RF -Spectrums -HP iPAQ PocketPC Interface -3 Waveform Traces -Peak / Hold Search -User Selectable Power Triggers -Waveform JPEG Snapshots -Optional Directional Antennae for 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Frequencies -Optional Coverage Mapping/Interference Software Packages Available