Aeroflex announced the availability of a new version of software for the 2975 Project 25 Radio Test Set. Software Release 1.9.2 delivers new test features designed to provide additional test data for P25 radios. Release 1.9.2 adds the functionality of an Eye Diagram for P25 Waveform analysis. With this diagram, users can quickly see the C4FM deviation points as well as any offset or imbalance in the four frequency levels corresponding to the C4FM modulation (+/- 600Hz and +/- 1800Hz). This new Eye Diagram feature is included in Option 2975OPT30 Modulation Analysis and is free of charge. In addition, Release 1.9.2 has a new option configuration to simplify the ordering of LSM testing options. Options 11 (LSM / Phase 2) and 13 (LSM Advanced / P25 Phase 2 Advanced) have now been combined into a single option. The Option 2975OPT29 CQPSK Generate/Receive and Analysis provides tests for Linear Simulcast Modulation and is now available at a reduced price of $8,000.00 US list.