January 26, 2010

IF Signal Processing Components and Subsystems

MITEQ’s new 72-page IF Signal Processing Components and Subsystems catalog (C-17C) provides detailed information on their Logarithmic Amplifiers, DLVAs, Frequency Discriminator, Constant Phase-Limiting Amplifiers, Linear Gain-Control Amplifiers, and Custom Subsystems and Assemblies. Included, as well are full electrical specifications, outline drawings, block diagrams as well as test data.

Component CD Catalog

MITEQ recently released its Winter 2010 full-line CD Components Catalog (CD-02K) which offers one of the most comprehensive displays of standard and custom capabilities in the industry. The CD includes thousands of pages of product specifications, outline drawings, test data, manufacturing flow diagrams, and a wide assortment of technical application notes.

MITEQ designs and manufactures state-of-the-art microwave components such as UHF to millimeter wave low-noise and medium power amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, switches, frequency sources, IF signal processing equipment, fiber optics and integrated microwave subassemblies. Emphasis is on high-performance, custom engineering driven applications.

AFS/JS Amplifier Catalog

MITEQ’s new 186-page AFS/JS Amplifier Products catalog (C-41) provides a comprehensive listing of standard designs for: octave band, multi-octave band, ultra-wideband, moderate band, low-noise waveguide, and fiber optic amplifiers. MITEQ offers over 2000 Low Noise Amplifiers in the same catalog. We have narrow and wideband low-noise amplifier and ultra-low noise amplifier designs with frequency ranges between 1 kHz and 60 GHz.

The catalog is divided into frequency, category, specialized amplifiers and typical JS series amplifier performance sections. Included as well are the company’s capabilities to customize in accordance with your specifications. This AFS/JS catalog includes technical specifications, typical test data and outline drawings. Also included are some of our custom amplifier products.