Burnham, UK-January 16, 2007-Aeroflex has added new blocking and inter-modulation test capabilities to its highly successful 6413A UMTS base station test system. These capabilities will help optimize the receiver performance of both newly commissioned and in-service base stations. Blocking occurs when the base station transmitter signal is too close to the receiver signal, making the base station receiver "partially deaf." Inter-modulation problems also impact base station receiver performance and are the result of signals of different modulation types combining to create interfering signals. The addition of blocking and inter-modulation test capabilities compliment the existing functionality of the Aeroflex 6413A with its unique Iub control and base station receiver testing capabilities, enabling cell sites to be tested with a single-box solution. With the new test suites, the reduction in effective site uplink sensitivity in the presence of an inter-modulation problem can be measured. It is also possible to characterize a cell's uplink sensitivity with regard to downlink power, enabling further optimization of the UMTS network through the reduction of cell power, improved uplink sensitivity and reduced inter-cell interference. Furthermore, it is possible to troubleshoot the source of passive inter-modulation within the stable testing environment created by the Aeroflex 6413A's Iub control testing capability. The Iub-controlled test mode allows UMTS base stations to be tested with repeatable test scenarios in a controlled environment to ensure that the base station's transmitter and receiver performance matches planned network coverage. In the Iub-controlled test mode, the Aeroflex 6413A UMTS base station test system can be used to check that the IMA links are fully functional and capable of handling the traffic sent between the base station and RNC. The Aeroflex 6413A UMTS base station test system is designed specifically for the installation and commissioning, maintenance, fault-finding, performance verification and optimization of radio base stations. A single-box portable solution, it is able to take complete control of the base station via the Iub interface and perform all of the critical transmitter, receiver and functional tests without external control equipment or the need for detailed knowledge of the base station's operation and control. The Blocking and Inter-modulation test support is available as standard on all new Aeroflex 6413A UMTS base station test systems and as an upgrade to existing systems. Price and Availability The Blocking and Inter-modulation capabilities are available for immediate delivery. The Aeroflex 6413A UMTS base station test systems are highly configurable. For pricing for specific test applications, contact Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352 or visit www.aeroflex.com.