BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 1, 2006--Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ:ANST) announced today the release of Nexxim(R) v3.5, the latest version of Ansoft's high-performance circuit simulator. Nexxim v3.5 continues its emphasis on simulation speed, capacity and accuracy, while introducing new analyses and Verilog A support, further enhancing the simulation of high-performance electronic design, from signal integrity analysis to high-frequency ICs used in communications systems. Building upon the software architecture and success of the previous releases, Nexxim v3.5 introduces Oscillator, Circuit Envelope, Periodic Transfer Function, Monte-Carlo and Loadpull analyses to its transient, harmonic balance and noise (time variant and phase) simulation capabilities. Additionally, Nexxim v3.5 natively supports Verilog A, which adds a new dimension of design simulation by enabling system descriptions other than electrical. "Our latest enhancements to Nexxim are critical to the full characterization of multi-gigabit computer and communication backplanes as well as RFICs," said Dr. Mark Reichelt, director of product development. "The additional analyses, such as oscillator analysis and circuit envelope, address the autonomous source and digitally modulated circuits found specifically in communication ICs, while other capabilities, such as convolution, state-space methods and model caching, provide an efficient method for handling the larger frequency-based models that are finding their way into time-based signal integrity analysis." New feature highlights of Nexxim v3.5 include: Oscillator analysis New circuit envelope analysis for device operation with a modulation bandwidth that is orders of magnitude lower than the clock frequency Periodic transfer function analysis Monte-Carlo analysis available from within the Ansoft Designer UI or other established IC design flows Co-simulation of Harmonic Balance and linear network circuit analyses within Ansoft Designer's system-level test bench Shooting-method Native Verilog A support Enhanced state-space model with caching for fast re-simulation New design utilities Resonant frequency search for Oscillator designs Smith tool supports impedance matching; noise, gain and stability circle plotting Loadpull analysis for large signal matching network development Extended noise analysis and post-processing Availability For more information on Nexxim v3.5, visit The product is available on PCs running Microsoft Windows(R) 2000 and XP, Sun Solaris(R) and Linux(R). For more information on product pricing and availability, please contact your nearest Ansoft office.