M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and a leading provider of wireless radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave components, today announced the availability of the miniature two-leaded plastic SC-79 package. Many of M/A-COM's high volume discrete diodes including PIN, Schottky and varactor, are now offered in the SC-79 small surface mount package, which are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and meet the 260oC maximum rating often required for Pb-Free processing.

“The SC-79 package complements M/A-COM’s existing portfolio of surface mount plastic packages utilizing the latest in RoHS standards,” said Tim Daly, product manager, M/A-COM. “We are pleased to offer this new packaging to a broad range of industries including WLAN, broadband and telemetry, which require high volume, low cost packaging solutions.”

The extremely low package inductance (0.6nH) allows these devices to work at frequencies significantly higher than standard diode plastic packages (SOD-323, SC-70, SOT-23 and SOT-143). The SC-79 package is ideal for high volume, low cost applications, requiring superior performance at commercial pricing. The SC-79 PIN switching diodes are designed for various switching functions including Tx/Rx, VCO and large signal switching, used in WLAN, broadband, CATV, telemetry and cordless handset applications. The attenuator PIN diodes are designed for CATV and cellular base station applications requiring high IP3 and low distortion.

Schottky diodes in the SC-79 package are ideal for RF power detector circuits requiring high sensitivity in WLAN, telemetry and DBS/LNB applications.

Varactor diodes offered in the SC-79 package are designed for VCO applications, as well as phase shifters and tunable filters. The miniature size of the SC-79 package is ideal for designers concerned with saving valuable board space.