M/A-COM Technology Solutions, a leading supplier of high performance analog semiconductor solutions, is showcasing a broad portfolio of new products suitable for military communications at the MILCOM 2011 in Baltimore, MD, November 7 to 10. Product solutions on display in M/A-COM Tech’s Booth #1708 include:

• GaN on Silicon Carbide transistors and higher level pallet amplifiers - powered by a leading edge proprietary 0.5 micron HEMT design that delivers excellent RF performance.

• Family of surface mount Voltage Controlled Oscillators - supporting applications from 45 MHz to 4 GHz, these VCOs are ideal for military radios. In addition to these state-of-the-art VCOs, M/A-COM Tech offers a broad range of diodes, transistors, MMICs, and passive products - a comprehensive solution set for military communications.

• M/A-COM Tech Modules and Pallets - modules feature small compact footprint, up to 25 dB gain, and 50 ohm input/output; while pallets are designed for CW or pulsed applications and allow gate biasing and sequencing for GaN on SiC designs.

•HMIC High Power SPDT Switch Family - features convenient package size and low insertion loss for high power MILCOM applications.

•250 V PIN Diode Driver - the driver boasts up to 170 mA bias current and CMOS ASIC technology. Packaged in a 7mm PQFN, the driver biases four diodes simultaneously, and supports series-shunt architectures.