The joint venture betweenWORK Microwave and IFEN GmbH has produced a new model for the NavX®-Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) test solution product family. The new NavX®-NCS Essential, defines the new RF multi-GNSS signal generator technology for volume testing in single frequency multi-GNSS applications. With its flexible licensing capability, the new product is a future-proof investment for the coming multi-GNSS era.

The key technology advancement in the NavX-NCS Essential is driven by the powerful BLACK JACK simulation engine. The engine allows simultaneous simulation of GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, and Galileo satellites covering all operating GNSS systems on the L1 RF frequency band all-in-one-box. The simulation engine is available as a plug-in module and up to two BLACK JACK modules can be added to the signal generator, providing the user with full flexibility and control over scenario generation during testing. With 42 simultaneous signal channels, the NavX-NCS Essential is claimed to be ready for today's GPS testing and forward-compatible with the next-generation GNSS systems.

The NavX-NCS Essential hardware is GNSS-system agnostic and can generate any known signal today, with the capability to cope with modulations and signal structures yet to be developed. These capabilities make it ideal for testing products, such as GPS-only systems, or when used as a signal generator to reproduce identical test cases during final product tests. Other applications include simulation for system integration, research, and development of future multi-GNSS equipment and next-generation receiver chips.

"The NavX-NCS Essential is a must-have for anyone looking for a future-proof, powerful, and affordable multi-GNSS simulator," said Markus Bochenko, Research and Development Engineer at WORK Microwave. "Its flexibility allows it to accommodate multiple customer needs and makes it a perfect solution for use across a wide range of environments, such as smart phone product development or automotive navigation systems acceptance testing."