IFEN, working in partnership with WORK Microwave, announced an enhanced version of its NavX®-NCS Professional, a multi-frequency simulator, which is optimized for research and development of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) safety and professional applications.

By adding new features to the multi-frequency simulator, IFEN and WORK Microwave now claim to provide the most flexible and capable RF signal generator for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and SBAS constellations on the market. With up to nine L-Band frequencies and 108 channels, it is said to redefine the current state-of-the-art in RF signal simulation.

 There are three key enhancements to the NavX-NCS Professional. First, the multi-frequency simulator provides flexibility by giving users the capability to simulate two, three, or four multi-GNSS receptors from a single unit. Users can also upgrade to additional RF output options later.

 Second, simulated Doppler shift is now capable of operating at a rate greater than 15 MHz, allowing for unparalleled smooth signal simulation even when simulating high-dynamic trajectories.

 Third, the receiver can be integrated with the control computer, enabling users to receive RTCM information on the fly. RTCM minimizes the effects of atmospheric and satellite errors on position determination by using the radio signals from each of the GPS satellites to measure pseudo-ranges to these satellites. Because the exact locations of the satellites and the reference receiver are known, NavX®-NCS Professional determines the difference between the actual and the expected pseudo-ranges, providing highly accurate, simultaneous RTCM information at a user's fingertips.

"The NavX-NCS Professional is used by many satisfied customers in universities and research bodies, receiver manufacturers, and defense organizations," said Dr. Guenter Heinrichs, head of customer applications at IFEN. "Its advanced technology features and flexibility enables users to fulfill their needs in testing high-precision professional applications across a very wide range of fields."