Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability of two breakthrough 50 V LDMOS RF power transistors, which set new standards for ruggedness in the UHF broadcast industry. The MRFE6VP8600H and MRFE6VP8600HS are push-pull power transistors that provide enhanced efficiency and operate over the 470 to 860 MHz frequency band.

These devices are capable of transmitting highly-linear, 125W average DVB-T output power, with a peak envelope power output capability of over 600W. Moreover, these devices are fully capable of withstanding a nearly 100 percent mismatched load, specified as greater than 65:1 VSWR at all phase angles, with no damage to the transistor. Ultimately, the MRFE6VP8600H and MRFE6VP8600HS provide a unique combination of linear power amplification, high efficiency and enhanced ruggedness never before seen in the UHF broadcast industry.

Key features:

• Capable of 18.8 to 20 dB gain

• P1dB > 600 W

• Average output power rated at 125 W (DVB-T 8k OFDM)

• Rugged devices withstand a 65:1 VSWR load mismatch with no damage over all phase angles

• Integrated enhanced ESD protection

• High power-added-efficiency, typically 30 percent (up to 45 percent in Doherty configuration)

• Extended operating range characterized from 20 to 50 V for use with drain modulation schemes (ex. envelope tracking)

• Extended negative gate-source voltage range (-6 to +10 V)

• Two air cavity ceramic package options: choose bolt-down or solder-attach

• RoHS compliant

Design advantages:

• Reduction in the total number of transistors and combiner stages needed for a given output power level allows for simplified overall UHF transmitter design and improved reliability.

• Broadband internal input impedance matching means these devices are easier to implement.

• Extended negative gate-source voltage range provides improved Class C operation (such as when used in the peaking stage of a Doherty amplifier).

• High efficiency means less current is consumed, and as a result less power is wasted as heat. A UHF transmitter designed with these devices can use 15 percent less energy than previous generation transistors.

• Enhanced ruggedness makes it possible to use more simplified transmitter protection circuitry.

The MRFE6VP8600H and MRFE6VP8600HS are in stock and ready for shipment.