Anritsu Co. and Renesas Mobile Corp., a premier supplier of advanced cellular platforms, announce that their collaboration in certification has resulted in the development and validation of MIMO test cases that have been accepted by 3GPP (RAN5). With this approval, product acceptance by the mobile industry and operators is expected to be strengthened, which is essential to ensure wider market deployment of MIMO technology.

Test case verification has been a long-term key strength of the Renesas Mobile modem team. At Nokia, the team worked with Anritsu and other companies to create many of the 3GPP test cases. Anritsu is the first test system manufacturer to implement and validate the data and signalling MIMO test cases.

The use of test cases is a key feature of the development process in Renesas Mobile. The result is faster product approval and quicker time to market for customers by ensuring that they receive the maximum benefit from the industry’s investment in conformance test cases. Renesas Mobile products support MIMO, as well as DC-HSPA+.

“Our industry leading collaboration in certification has been a core focus of our approach to product development since our days as part of Nokia Wireless Modem,” said Heikki Tenhunen, Senior Vice President, Renesas. “Our customers see the benefit through faster product approvals, and the operators gain assurance on the quality and maturity of the resulting handsets.”

“Collaborating with leading modem teams has meant that we have been able to be the first test company to introduce cutting edge and complicated test cases,” said Wade Hulon, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu. “Anritsu’s flexible and fully featured systems allow developers to prove the compliance of new features, such as MIMO and expedite its delivery by chipset manufacturers.”