Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions, introduces a new, feature rich VME Master Oscillator designed to provide all of the signals required for an advanced system. With four different output frequencies, an internal high-stability crystal reference and built-in test functions, this oscillator is fully tested and guaranteed over the operating conditions.

The VME Master Oscillator starts from a low noise, vibration insensitive crystal oscillator, from which all of the subsequent signal outputs are derived. The four frequency outputs range from 10 MHz to 1920 MHz and the unit is designed to offer very low spurious signal output and excellent signal stability over the operating conditions. One of the unique features of this oscillator is that an advanced built-in test function provides indication, through the VME bus, of the signal output presence for each output. Also provided is the ability to disable each output from the command bus.

“This product represents another advance in our technology integration,” says Bob Tavares, VP Microwave Solutions. “This product merges our capability in low noise signal references, frequency synthesis, monitor and control into a single, advanced product providing our customer with exceptional functionality.”