RF Micro Devices Inc. announced that RFMD® has surpassed two million units in cumulative shipments of its Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs) supporting 3G base station transceiver (BST) applications for the wireless infrastructure end market.

Bob Van Buskirk, president of RFMD's Multi-Market Products Group (MPG), said, "The shipment of over two million MCMs in such a short period of time highlights RFMD's sharp focus on product and technology leadership and the continued expansion of our product portfolio supporting the wireless infrastructure end market."

MCMs are highly integrated packages in which multiple ICs and discrete components are assembled onto one unifying substrate to form a single placement RF component. RFMD has been developing and shipping MCMs for the infrastructure industry since 2009. The Company offers a complete portfolio of MCMs to address common frequency bands, 2G/3G standards and all RF functions in the base station transceiver, including transceiver systems for new 4G LTE networks.

RFMD's MCM products reduce overall current consumption by using power down and other DC power control functions. The associated reduction in component operating temperatures improves component reliability, which is of critical importance in small remote radio heads located in difficult to access locations. The reduced current consumption also benefits manufacturers of multi-standard remote radio head platforms, allowing customers to meet new "green" wireless infrastructure network standards.

John Pelose, General Manager of RFMD's Wireless Products business unit, added, "RFMD is leveraging our extensive library of single function components and industry-leading scale to deliver our customers MCM solutions promptly and efficiently. Our rapid prototyping capabilities enable our customers to improve their product cycle time and reduce time to market. Additionally, our high-volume MCM assembly and test facilities help enable advances in performance at efficient economies of scale."