Rakon's new RFPT200 is a 7 x 5 mm surface-mount digitally-controlled, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (DC-TCXO), which brings together frequency stability, digital frequency control, a separate low frequency output and embedded timer and alarm functionality; all controlled via a standard SPI interface. What sets it apart from other TCXOs is its enhanced functionality, which allows the system it is used in to be switched off when not required and then switched on again at a predetermined time in the future.

The RFPT200 uses Rakon’s patented Pluto™ technology to provide a high stability reference frequency for use during receive and transmit. When a receive/transmit signal is not required, the output line drivers that consume a large part of the TCXO’s total power are disabled, while timer functionality is maintained.

The RFPT200 is suited for applications that require precise timing while the rest of the system shuts down (such as reacquiring GPS signals) and applications that require signal transmissions to sensors (such as video cameras, covert radios and gas sensors).