ORBIT/FR Israel will hold a customer seminar on March 14 in the Dan Caesarea Hotel in Caesarea. The seminar will introduce the first Microwave Vision Group (MVG) integrated Hybrid Planar NF scanner system. This new system combines the best of two technologies by merging the high-accuracy precision of ORBIT/FR mechanical positioning systems with the high-speed electronic scanning of SATIMO’s multi-probe arrays.

The morning session of the seminar will include an introduction of MVG, a presentation on the future of antenna measurement by keynote speaker Dr. Philippe Garreau, CEO and President of MVG, and an introduction to the Hybrid Planar Scanner.

Attendees, who are expected to number 50 to 60, will then be driven the 18 km to the company’s facility in Emek Hefer, where they will be able to see first-hand the capabilities of the Hybrid Planar NF scanner system during a live, on-site system demonstration, before returning to the Dan Caesarea Hotel for lunch.

The afternoon session is scheduled to feature guest presentations by Ishai Brudni (Agilent) titled: Overview of PNA Family – Vector Network Analyzers for Antenna Testing and Dr. Menahem Naor (RAFAEL), who will consider: Exoneration of Performing Total RCS Measurement in the Near-Field, together with presentations on Low and High Frequency Optimization of Anechoic Chambers and Innovation in CR Technology. The seminar will be mostly conducted in Hebrew; however, all presentation slides will be in English. The seminar will conclude with a summary and open discussion.

For more information visit: www.microwavevision.com.