Sivers IMA, a supplier of microwave radio components, announced a new line of next-generation E- and V-band front-ends for the telecom industry. These modular converter platforms can help manufacturers of point-to-point and multipoint radio systems running at transfer rates up to 10 Gb/s. They drastically reduce development costs through their unique construction and hassle free integration. Sivers IMA can provide complete or partial assemblies, including various combinations of converter, diplexer and LO. This allows radio link suppliers to select custom solutions for their outdoor unit applications.

The availability of low cost licenses using 60 and 80 GHz technology will be vital to the development of future fixed and mobile communications networks. Radio link manufacturers that adopt Sivers IMA front-ends will be at a distinct advantage in this competitive market. E- and V-band technology will help meet the demand for higher speeds. It provides more available bandwidth to data-hungry users, especially in dense urban areas. Microwave radios provide a distinct and attractive alternative to fiber and copper systems in this environment, significantly reducing costs for rights-of-way and infrastructure.

Sivers IMA is launching these new products at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 14-17, 2011.