SMPM Attenuator
Aeroflex/Inmet has introduced a new line of fixed attenuators incorporating the popular SMPM connector. This self-aligning push-on connector is a miniature version of the company’s SMP attenuator and provides reliable high performance, excellent RF characteristics and mates with GPPO™ connectors. First to market is the model 6MP, the 6 GHz version, offering a variety of attenuation values designed for use in tight quarters whether the requirement is in manufacturing or semiconductor chip test applications. Higher frequency ranges for expanded use are in the works and will be available soon.
Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 426-5553,
RS No. 216

Integrated Microwave Assemblies
This X-band assembly is another example of AML’s expertise in designing compact multi-functional integrated microwave assemblies (IMA) while delivering industry leading low phase noise performance. Characteristics include high gain (60 dB), a high Q bandpass filter, a variable phase shifter (360° range) and multiple coupled ports. This IMA is part of a low phase noise oscillator with high spectral purity developed for military radar and communication systems.
AML Communications Inc.,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-1345,
RS No. 217

SP3T-SP6T Multi-position Switch
The QK series coaxial multi- switch features K type connectors with a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. Available actuator options include normally Open and TTL circuitry with integrated indicator circuits. Terminated models are also available with the 2.4 mm connector. This switch features an RF impedance of 50 ohms nominal; operating temperature of -35° to +85°C ambient; operating life of 1,000,000+ cycles; switching time of 15 mSec maximum; switching sequence: Break Before Make; and environmentally is designed to meet MIL-E-5400 and Mil-S-3928.
Ducommun Technologies,
Carson, CA
(310) 513-7214,
RS No. 218

DC to 50 GHz Cable Assemblies
Electro-Photon-ics LLC announces the availability of ultra-flexible, low loss high frequency cable assemblies. The company’s unique boot construction offers superior durability and ease of handling in all RF/microwave applications requiring excellent electrical performance, high mechanical endurance and repeatability. These low loss cable assemblies have excellent phase stability over temperature and flexure. The company’s cables are used in military, commercial and wireless test applications.
Palm City, FL
(772) 485-0927,
RS No. 219

Hybrid Coax Drop-in Models
M2 Global has extended the frequency range of its hybrid coax drop-in models up to 14 GHz. The package size for these higher frequency units is 0.64" × 0.74" × 0.25", and can include a 50 W termination in the isolator configuration. With drop-in construction, these coax isolators and circulators are ideal for higher power applications with lower cost. Encapsulation is available for high peak power applications. Four-port versions are also available.
M2 Global,
San Antonio, TX
(210) 561-4800,
RS No. 220

4×4 Hybrid Matrix
Microlab announces the addition of new 4 × 4 hybrid matrices with exceptional 30 dB isolation and <-160 dBc PIM. This has been achieved with radical new circuitry, eliminating the signal path discontinuities of previous designs while having all inputs conveniently located on the same side. The CM-58D covers the 1710 to 2700 MHz band, which includes the new LTE and WiMAX band in the 2490 to 2690 MHz spectrum. The CM-58D is designed for up to 100 W average, 3 kW peak power per input, and may be moisture sealed to meet IP67, so is suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor applications such as radio base stations, in signal combiner boxes and in-building distribution systems. Similar units are available for other wireless bands, and with N connectors.
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 386-9696,
RS No. 221

PIN Diode Switches
Micronetics’ ES0339 family of PIN diode HF, VHF, UHF broadband high power switches are ideal for broadband T/R switches. Power levels of 1 kW CW into a 2:1 load are achievable over multiple octave bandwidths. These switches are multi-octave, well suited for jamming applications. The switches have an onboard FET driver for 2 uSec switching that features switch state sense TTL output and fault-detection. Lastly, these switches have an on-board DC-DC converter that converts low voltage bias to the high negative voltage required for high power PIN diode switches thus negating the need for a high voltage power supply.
Micronetics Inc.,
Hudson, NH
(603) 883-2900,
RS No. 222

Hybrid Coupler
Narda introduced the 4034C miniature stripline coaxial microwave 90-deg. hybrid coupler that is extremely rugged, offers high isolation, and resists shock and vibration. The model 4034C offers a coupling of 3 dB, operates from 4 to 8 GHz, handles 50 W average and 5 kW peak power, and has isolation of at least 20 dB. Insertion loss is 0.3 dB or less, VSWR is 1.25:1 or less, amplitude balance is ±0.6 dB and phase balance is 10 deg. The hybrid measures 1" × 0.5" × 0.36", weighs 0.6 oz., and has female SMA connectors. The model 4034C meets military requirements for shock and vibration and has an operating temperature range of -54° to +105°C. The model 4034C is available from Narda for immediate delivery.
Hauppauge, NY
(631) 231-1700,
RS No. 223

Ultra-small Limiter
Model LM-35D5G-14-20W-292FF is a high power limiter capable of withstanding an in-put power level of 20 W, 440 to 670 nsec pulse width, PRF 600 to 900 kHz, 40 percent duty cycle. This model operates in the 35 to 36 GHz frequency range, but can be used over the 24.5 to 38 GHz frequency range with degraded performance. The insertion loss is 3.0 dB maximum, VSWR of 2.0:1 and 250 nsec response time packaged in a small 0.50" × 0.50" × 0.22" housing.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-5019,
RS No. 224

Digital Attenuator
Pulsar model DAT-24-480/2S is an 8 bit, 0 to 32 dB digital attenuator that operates in a frequency range from 6 to 18 GHz with an LSB of 0.12 dB. Maximum insertion loss is 6 dB and the maximum VSWR is 2.0:1. Control logic is TTL and switching time is 500 nsec typical. Flatness is ± 2.0 dB at 32 dB.
Pulsar Microwave,
Clifton, NJ
(973) 779-6262,
RS No. 225

Coaxial to Waveguide Adapters
RLC Electronics now offers coaxial to waveguide adapters in a variety of configurations for specific applications. Option A includes broadband adapters whose excellent electrical specs are maintained over the entire adapter bandwidth, while option B offers enhanced performance over a specific band of the adapters’ bandwidth. Computer design and the latest in RF techniques coupled with precision assembly ensure optimal electrical performance in the recommended frequency ranges.
RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mount Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334,
RS No. 226

Surface-mount Limiter Diode
This high power surface-mount limiter diode is designed for receiver protection applications ranging from 10 MHz to over 6 GHz. This low capacitance, low thermal resistance silicon PIN limiter diode is designed as a shunt connected PIN diode and can be utilized in multiple markets, including infrastructure, military, consumer, land mobile radios, jammers and radar. This low loss, general market diode is ideal for high volume commercial and industrial OEMs, ODMs and contract manufacturers.
Skyworks Solutions Inc.,
Woburn, MA
(781) 376-3000,
RS No. 227


Battery Powered Wideband Amplifier
The BOX-010200 self-contained battery powered amplifier provides a portable and rugged gain block for situations where cordless operation is either essential or preferred. The amplifier provides 25 dB of gain across the entire 1 to 20 GHz frequency range with typically +13 dBm output power at the 1 dB gain compression point and 3 to 5 dB noise figure. The MIC design utilizes GaAs PHEMT distributed amplifier MMIC technology, together with proprietary matching circuits within a robust die-cast aluminum alloy housing that also contains a rechargeable NiMH battery. A battery charger is supplied with each unit.
Braintree, UK
+44 (0)1376 550220,
RS No. 228

Boost Controller
Linear Technology Corp. announces the LTC3787, high power, two-phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller, which replaces the boost diodes with high efficiency N-channel MOSFETs. This solution eliminates the heat sink normally required in medium to high power boost converters. The LTC3787 can produce a 24 V at 10 A output from a 12 V input at up to 97 percent efficiency. The LTC3787’s 135 uA standby quiescent current when configured for Burst Mode® operation makes it ideal for high power automotive audio amplifiers, as well as industrial and medical applications where a step-up DC/DC converter must deliver high power in a small solution size.
Linear Technology Corp.,
Milpitas, CA
(408) 432-1900,
RS No. 229

5 to 20 GHz Wideband Microwave Amplifier
The Mini-Circuits AVA-24+ is a surface-mount microwave amplifier and fully integrated gain block up to 20 GHz. It is packaged in Mini-Circuits’ industry standard 3×3 mm MCLP (QFN) package, which provides excellent RF and thermal performance. The AVA-24+ integrates the entire matching network with the majority of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the need for complicated external circuits. This approach makes the AVA-24+ extremely flexible and enables simple, straightforward use.
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500,
RS No. 230

Waveguide LNA
MITEQ’s model AMFW-6F-18102120-120 is part of a new line of low profile, lightweight, small volume and high dynamic range Ka-band very low noise amplifiers. The new SATCOM LNA family offers a unique combination of features and performance in an extremely small footprint. Total weight is approximately 125 grams maximum, has a pressurizable waveguide at the input, and its package profile is 104 × 22 × 34.5 mm. The input conforms to WR42 and is available in grooved or flat flange. See Outline 165402 on the MITEQ website for more details. Numerous models cover 18.10 to 21.5 GHz in various sub-bands of 1 GHz and wider, with P1dB of 10 to 23 dBm across the full band.
Hauppauge, NY
(631) 436-7400,
RS No. 231

Solid-state Power Amplifier
Stealth Microwave introduces the SM2560-44GN, a 25 W GaN SSPA with industry-leading efficiency (32 to 42 percent across the band). This model operates in a frequency range from 2.5 to 6 GHz. The use of the latest GaN devices allows for superior gain flatness, along with an advanced RS-485 PA monitoring and control interface. MCU-controlled temperature compensation and gain control is standard and rugged construction allows for operation in harsh environments.
Stealth Microwave,
Ewing, NJ
(609) 538-8586,
RS No. 232

GaN Power Amplifier
TriQuint has released a new 30 W state-of-the-art gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier with high power and efficiency for counter-IED (C-IED) and other EW (electronic weapons) systems. The TGA2576 delivers 30 W of saturated output power in the 2.5 to 6 GHz range. The new device is fabricated using TriQuint’s production-released GaN on SiC process; it typically offers 30 percent PAE and 25 dBm of small-signal gain. Die-level samples of the TGA2576 are available; packaged samples are expected in early 2011.
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,
Hillsboro, OR
(503) 615-9000,
RS No. 233


Phase-locked Crystal Oscillator
The PLXO-100 is a phase-locked crystal oscillator operating at 100 MHz in a miniature connectorized package (1.5" × 2" × 0.6"), featuring exceptionally low phase noise (-125 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz). The device exhibits low spurs (-80 dBc), +7 dBm output power and supply voltage of +12 VDC, while locked to a 10 MHz external reference (or optional internal reference). EM Research offers the PLXO Series in a surface-mount or connectorized package at custom fixed-frequencies from 5 to 500 MHz. The PLXO series features low jitter (< 0.05 pSec; RMS at 100 MHz, typical), optional internal references and select supply voltages (+3.3, +5, +8, +12 or +15 VDC).
EM Research Inc.,
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411,
RS No. 234

MMIC Voltage-controlled Oscillators
These two new SMT packaged MMIC voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) are ideal for industrial/medical test & measurement equipment, military communications, EW, and ECM applications from 6 to 20 GHz. The HMC732LC4B and HMC733LC4B are wideband GaAs InGaP HBT MMIC voltage-controlled oscillators that incorporate the resonator, negative resistance device and varactor diode. These fully integrated MMIC VCOs provide output tuning ranges of 6 to 12 GHz and 10 to 20 GHz, respectively. The HMC732LC4B delivers high output power of +1 dBm and low SSB phase noise of -95 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset, while the HMC733LC4B delivers output power of +3 dBm and SSB phase noise of -90 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset from the carrier.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343,
RS No. 235

Phase-locked Oscillator
The PLS-4900-Q10E is a high performance, low noise, 4.9 GHz phase-locked oscillator (PLO). The design of this PLO’s primary source consists of a low-noise, bipolar-silicon-transistor oscillator. In addition, a buffer amplifier in the output path provides the desired power output and load isolation. Power output is 17 dBm (typical) into a 50 ohm load. Phase noise at 10 kHz and 100 kHz offsets is -110 dBc/Hz and -130 dBc/Hz, respectively. The PLS-4900-Q10E requires a 10 MHz external reference oscillator and is housed in a compact (4.5" × 2.25" × 0.63") connectorized package.
Phase Matrix Inc.,
San Jose, CA
(408) 428-1000,
RS No. 236

L-band Voltage-controlled Oscillator
The RoHS compliant voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) model V585ME12-LF operates in a frequency range from 1500 to 1900 MHz with a tuning voltage range of 0.8 to 20 VDC. This VCO features a typical phase noise of -102 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset and a typical tuning sensitivity of 35 MHz/V. The V585ME12-LF is designed to deliver a typical output power of 5.75 dBm at 10 VDC supply while drawing 15 mA (typical) over the temperature range of 0° to 80°C. This VCO features typical second harmonic suppression of -10 dBc and comes in Z-Comm’s MINI-14 package measuring 0.5" × 0.5" × 0.22".
Z-Communications Inc.,
Poway, CA
(858) 621-2700,
RS No. 237

Test Equipment

Multi-harmonic Load-pull Tuner
Targeting applications where space is limited but still requiring the need for harmonic load-pull, such as on-wafer environments, the iMPT-C-Lite load-pull tuner brings all of the performance benefits of the iMPT-Lite in a package half the size and weight. In contrast to harmonic load-pull tuners based on bulky and expensive cascaded tuners, unable to fit on a probestation, the iMPT-C-Lite is based on Focus’s proprietary MPT technology to advanced harmonic tuning in a single tuner. Offering all of the performance capabilities of the iMPT-Lite, including high VSWR tuning, superior accuracy bandwidth and ease of calibration, the iMPT-C-Lite covers 1.8 to 18 GHz.
Focus Microwaves Corp.,
Montreal, Canada
(408) 891-1777,
RS No. 238

Signal-to-Noise Generators
Noisecom has launched its new CNG-EbNo series of precision signal-to-noise generators. These analyzers are designed for Carrier-to-Noise (C/N), Carrier-to-Noise density (C/No), Signal-to-Noise (S/N), Carrier-to-Interferer (C/I) and Bit Energy-to-Noise density (Eb/No) analysis. The instruments are used for satellite communications, cable TV, telecommunications and many other critical applications that demand accuracy and repeatability in the analysis of data transmission systems.
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 386-9696,
RS No. 239

Frequency Converters
The new R&S ZVA-Z500 frequency converters expand the frequency range of the R&S ZVA24, R&S ZVA40, R&S ZVA50, R&S ZVA67 and R&S ZVT20 high-end network analyzers to cover the 325 to 500 GHz range. The converters enable millimeter-wave measurements with a typical dynamic range of > 65 dB and a typical output power of -24 dBm. They are suitable for research and development of components in the millimeter-wave range as well as for antenna measurements and microwave imaging. The R&S ZVA-Z500 can be used with a WR02 waveguide connector to analyze components such as amplifiers, mixers and filters, and is suitable for use with commercially available wafer prober systems.
Rohde & Schwarz,
Munich, Germany
+49 89 4129 13774,
RS No. 240

Logic Analyzer
The TLA6000 series is a logic analyzer that brings powerful high-end debug and analysis to mainstream embedded systems designers. The TLA6000 series delivers performance and functional capability previously only found on the high performance TLA7000 Series of instruments at a much lower price point, while offering more capabilities than the portable TLA5000 Series models. Higher signal speeds and increased board densities often lead to signal integrity issues such as crosstalk, ground bounce, and ringing that manifest themselves in functional failures of the digital system. The TLA6000 Series gives engineers a complete toolset to help them quickly find, isolate and debug these hard-to-isolate issues.
Tektronix Inc.,
Beaverton, OR
(800) 833-9200,
RS No. 241