VTI Instruments Corp. announced that it has been selected to deliver the dynamic signal analysis (DSA) instrumentation solution for NASA Plum Brook's Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility (RATF).

RATF houses the world's largest Space Environment Simulation Chamber and will use VTI's VT1432B high performance digitizer plus DSP, along with integrated arbitrary waveform generation (ARB) capability, as part of m+p international's Digital Acoustic Control System (DACS). The DACS will be used to configure and control servo-hydraulic and electromagnetic modulators, and acquire data from up to twenty-four individual microphones.

"We are excited to team with m+p international and play such a pivotal role in NASA's space vehicle test future," said Jon Semancik, VTI's Director of Marketing. "The EX1432B Series is the gold standard for DSA applications worldwide, and a perfect fit for this application."

The VT1432B series delivers unmatched hardware performance and flexibility for the most demanding DSA applications. Scalable onboard DSPs, multi-channel independent 24-bit digitizers, and comprehensive transducer signal conditioning ensure high precision, gap-free data.

"Our continued relationship with VTI allows us to field world class solutions that our customers can depend on," said Al Prosuk, m+p's VP of Sales. "Combining m+p's DACS fully automatic digital control capabilities and simplified user interfaces, with VTI's precision instrumentation, is a recipe for success."

VTI's DSA solutions are ideally suited to address a wide range of acoustic control and test, machine condition monitoring, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), rotating machinery, structural test, vibration control and modal test applications.