In the growing field of medical microwave ablation procedures, the development of better applicators can overshadow the microwave power generation development and result in the system development work being subcontracted, which can result in large development costs. To provide customers with a complete, fully functional and 60601 approved solution, Emblation Microwave has developed the MSYS245 microwave generator, one of the smallest and most efficient microwave systems. The compact solution, weighing less than 10 lbs. and about the size of a ream of paper, has a broad range of surgical applications, including microwave hyperthermia therapy, diathermy, microwave coagulation therapy, and soft tissue ablation. To compliment the advancements in percutaneous technologies for soft tissue and tumor ablation in the field of oncology, e.g. lung ablation and liver ablation, the microwave generator is a small and ultra-portable replacement technology for RF ablation treatments and magnetron-based microwave systems. This generator produces an efficient 2.45 GHz microwave system capable of generating variable power in excess of 100 W with excellent reflection measurement capability and temperature stability. The system has the ability to measure reflected power accuracy to a new level independent of the effects caused by applicator match and phase. Please visit for more information.