A microwave divider/combiner is a passive reciprocal RF/microwave component responsible for the vector summation of two or more signals. As such, they play an important role in the distribution of signals through higher-level systems such as mobile base stations, distributed antenna systems, in-building wireless systems and cable distribution networks. Increasingly, these systems must support more signals and greater bandwidths, requiring new levels of performance. Additionally, the move toward remote radio heads is also placing new constraints on cost, size, weight and specifications for stringent outdoor use.

To address these needs, MECA Electronics has implemented its V-Line power divider/combiner product family based on microstrip techniques using high quality materials to lower insertion loss. The V-line compact power divider/combiner offers increased power rating and extended frequency range. These compact, microstrip divider/combiners provide minimal insertion loss while delivering high isolation between output ports with exceptional phase and amplitude balance. These two- through 16-way, 40 W power divider/combiners are optimized for excellent performance across all wireless bands from 0.7 to 2.7 GHz. The components, which are available from stock within two weeks ARO, are available in N, SMA, BNC or TNC connector configurations. The two-way 800 series is a divider/combiner that exhibits insertion loss below 0.5 dB with 27 dB typical isolation. All units are rated for maximum input power as a divider or balanced combiner with load VSWR of 1.20:1 or better. All output/power combiner ports are in-phase (0° difference) and are rated for an operating temperature from -55° to +85°C. They can be manufactured to IP65 weather proof specifications for outdoor (tower mounted) applications.

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