Focus Microwaves Corp., a device characterization solutions provider, announced the introduction of its iMPT-C-Lite load-pull tuner. Targeting applications where space is limited, but still requiring the need for harmonic load-pull, such as on-wafer environments, the iMPT-C-Lite brings all of the performance benefits of the iMPT-Lite in a package half the size and weight.

In contrast to harmonic load-pull tuners based on bulky and expensive cascaded tuners, unable to fit on a probe-station, the iMPT-C-Lite is based on Focus’s proprietary MPT technology to advanced harmonic tuning in a single tuner. Offering all of the performance capabilities of the iMPT-Lite, including high VSWR tuning, superior accuracy bandwidth, and ease of calibration, the iMPT-C-Lite covers 1.8 to 18 GHz.

Commenting on the iMPT-C-Lite, Focus CEO Christos Tsironis, said, "Focus again sets the benchmark in harmonic load-pull by launching the MPT™-based iMPT-C-Lite ultra-compact tuner. The iMPT-C-Lite enables critical harmonic load-pull measurements, such as Class E and Class F optimization, to be made in an on-wafer environment, avoiding costly dicing and packaging steps."

Further applications of the iMPT-C-Lite include WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/LTE/WiMAX process optimization by optimizing key performance metrics such as ACLR and EVM that strongly depend on harmonic terminations.

The iMPT-C-Lite is available October 25, 2010.