W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with A.E. Petsche Co. to provide GORE® FireWire® Cable Products for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 Lightning program, the Department of Defense’s next-generation strike aircraft system for the Navy, Air Force and Marines. A.E. Petsche will manage the requirements of all program partners to ensure optimum stocking levels and timely distribution.

According to Tom Sharp, Gore’s JSF Program Manager, Gore entered into this partnership because of A.E. Petsche’s proven ability to address customer requirements quickly and effectively. “Our commitment to the JSF F-35 Lightning program is well established through many years of support. This alignment addresses emerging needs to provide value-added services that extend beyond the physical product,” explained Sharp. “And one of the most significant benefits of this partnership is that these additional services will come without any increase in cost to the customer.”

A long-term partner with Gore, A.E. Petsche is a provider of logistics services supporting interconnect products to the aviation industry. Glenn Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of A.E. Petsche, says the company will stock JSF/ F-35 products in the United States as well as in Europe, meeting demand through its widely recognized ZERO-BASE® Inventory Program, which provides customers reliable material flow and consistent quality. Davidson summarizes, “Our customers depend on us to be solution-providers. Through this partnership with W.L. Gore & Associates, adding F-35 Lightning products to our existing product range will provide just-in-time delivery solutions for this important program.”