EADS has opened a high technology demonstration laboratory at its Ottobrunn, Germany facility, providing a showcase for the company’s leading-edge research and development in areas of security, mobility, the environment and maintenance. The laboratory was unveiled by Jean Botti, Chief Technical Officer of EADS, in the presence of German Minister of State, Siegfried Schneider, and Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery.

Named Innovation@Work, this showroom contains permanent exhibitions as well as displays that will regularly change, supported by multimedia presentations and original hardware. It features a demonstration laboratory where scientists, customers, government officials, company employees and other visitors will be informed about the latest developments from EADS.

“Setting up this demonstration laboratory underlines the importance of Ottobrunn as a research location for Bavaria, and highlights its importance within EADS Innovation Works – which is our company’s global research and technology network,” Botti said. “The committed men and women in research, the long and growing tradition of innovation from Ottobrunn and the numerous contacts with scientific institutions in the region and throughout the world are a significant asset for us.”

“The new EADS demonstration laboratory stands for research and innovation at the Ottobrunn site, underscoring the significance of Bavaria as a leading location of the aerospace industry in Germany,” said Schneider. “Innovative technologies and ideas like those we will be seeing in future at the ‘Innovation@Work’ showroom are the foundation on which our prosperity and future jobs are built.

“The Bavarian state government shares these expectations, which is the reason why our new government program ‘Aufbruch Bayern – Familie, Bildung, Innovation’ (translated as: A new departure in Bavaria – family, education, innovation’) places a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and the innovative ability of our state. Growth areas such as aerospace, biotechnology, cleantech, renewable energy and electromobility will all play an important part in this program.”