Solid-State Microwave High-Power Amplifiers
Franco Sechi and Marina Bujatti

Solid-State Microwave High-Power Amplifiers covers only solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) and focuses on the highest powers reachable with solid-state technology. This ranges from a few watts for multioctave bandwidths to hundreds of watts for narrow band devices concentrating on the 1 to 50 GHz frequency range. The book therefore covers such topics as power combining and heat management in addition to broader amplifier concepts that could apply in general to lower power devices. The primary applications targeted include radar, electronic warfare (EW), telecommunications equipment and special test systems.

The book starts with the physics of active devices, device characterization, modeling and phase noise subjects before moving on to amplifier configurations, power combiners/dividers and general design. It then covers more specific amplifier types like high-efficiency amplifiers, linear power amplifiers and special device types like Doherty. There are also full chapters on bias circuits and thermal management. In addition, the book contains quite a bit of solid-state and device physics, which can be skipped if this area is not of interest or one already has knowledge in that area.

The author uses his Solid-State Microwave High-Power Amplifiers as a concentrated book of knowledge dedicated specifically to high SSPAs covering device physics to amplifier design. The book is aimed at mostly compound semiconductors for high-power use, but the concepts are useful for general amplifier design techniques and knowledge.

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