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Company Profile

Contact Information

Contact: Tina Newton
Title: Marketing Projects Coordinator
Phone: 1-440-466-9604


10 Tegam Way
Geneva OH 44041
United States

TEGAM, Inc. is based in suburban Cleveland, Ohio and specializes in the design, manufacture and support of a wide variety of test, measurement and calibration instruments. The company was founded in 1979 and is managed by Andy Brush (, CEO and Adam Fleder (, President.

Over the past 29 years, TEGAM has developed a wide variety of measurement instrumentation, and has enhanced its internal product development with the acquisition of product lines from a number of well-known companies such as Keithley Instruments, Eaton, Tektronix and Pragmatic Instruments.

TEGAM products are marketed throughout the world via its cohesive network of strong technical representatives and distributors in over 40 countries. TEGAM is internationally recognized for its offering of RF power sensor calibration systems, RF attenuation measurement systems, resistance standards, ratio standards, and ohm meters. In addition, the company's supplies LCR meters/impedance bridges, arbitrary waveform generators, high-voltage amplifiers, MEMS engine driver systems, handheld thermometers, humidity meters, and other test and measurement solutions. In the past year TEGAM has introduced several exciting new products, including a PXI amplifier and an RF Power Meter.

TEGAM's commitment to quality and customer service remains our highest priority. TEGAM will continue to provide the exceptional products, solutions and support that made our company and our customers successful for nearly 30 years.


Microwave Calibration Standard: 2510A

March 13, 2015

TEG_2510AThe TEGAM 2510A temperature controlled coaxial RF feedthrough RF power transfer standard enables the precise measurement of microwave power in the 10 MHz to 50 GHz frequency range. These units are durable, highly accurate, and stable with time and temperature. They are ideal for use as standards wherever an accurate RF power measurement is required. Units are supplied with A2LA accredited ISO17025 NIST traceable calibration data.

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Construction of Bolometers Patent

February 26, 2014

BolometerTEGAM Inc., a leading supplier of innovative RF power measurements, was awarded Patent No. 8,610,069, "Coaxial to Dual Co-Planar Waveguide Launcher for Microwave Bolometry." This patent describes a new way to construct bolometers, a type of microwave power sensor that uses thermistors, that makes them more accurate and easier to assemble. 

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± 40 VDC Bias Adapter: 2191A

February 24, 2014

40 VDC Bias Adapter 2191AThe TEGAM Model 2191A  ± 40 VDC bias adapter was designed to work with TEGAM’s 3525 and 3550 LCR meters to enable accurate testing of electrolytic, tantalum and other polarized capacitors.  The 2191A adapter accepts an external DC bias voltage up to ± 40 VDC to be applied across the test capacitor. Four six inch BNC cables are provided to connect the bias adapter to the LCR meter.

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TEGAM awarded patent for advanced thermistor design

March 26, 2014

TEGAM Inc., a leading supplier of innovative RF power measurements, was recently awarded Patent No. 8,558,556, “Planar-axial thermistor for bolometry.” This patent describes a novel way to construct very small planar thermistors on a substrate with very low heat transfer. The thermistors are more thermally isolated from the environment than are commercially-produced thermistors. Both the small size and thermal isolation make them useful for measuring RF power at microwave frequencies up to 70 GHz.

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TEGAM Revamps European Sales Channels

February 27, 2014

TEGAM signed an agreement with AR Europe, a subsidiary of Amplifier Research (Souderton, PA), that will streamline sales and improve customer support in Europe. Now, TEGAM RF instrumentation, such as the PM Series of RF power sensor calibrators, the 1830A RF power meter, and TEGAM attenuation measurement systems, will be available from Amplifier Research subsidiaries throughout Europe.

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Calculating a Calibration Factor

Technicians and engineers use calibration factors when making measurements; but where do these calibration factors really come from?


Output Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) Test Using the TEGAM 1830A RF Power Meter

Do you have confidence that your 50 MHz reference port Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) is within specifications? It is important to have this confidence and by adhering to these procedures, you can be certain that your 50 MHz reference is within the manufactures tolerance!


A new Coaxial Flow Calorimeter for Accurate RF Power Measurements up to 100 Watts and 1 GHz

How Accurate Are Your High Power RF Measurements? Accurate power measurements of RF signals can be difficult to achieve without the proper calibration infrastructure. This paper describes a flow calorimeter that lowers the uncertainty of 100 W, 1 GHz measurements to 0.43% of full scale. Using this system, through-line wattmeters can be calibrated automatically with an uncertainty of 0.55%.


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