Digital Equalization of mmWave Analog Frequency Up and Down-converters

It is a known fact that time interleaving of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) is used to increase sampling rate of modern high-performance digitizers. A recent high performance example is the 10-bit digitizers from Guzik Technical Enterprises (GTE) that feature Keysight Technologies ADC Integrated Circuit (IC) where 160 individual ADC are interleaved to achieve sampling at up to 64 Gsa/s (160 “slices” sampling at 400 Msa/s) forming two analog channels at 32 Gsa/s each.

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Guerrilla RF Releases Broadband, High Gain, Linear Driver/LNA

Guerrilla RF introduced the GRF4014, a new addition to the company’s growing list of broadband, low noise linear drivers. The amplifier is targeted at small cells, cellular boosters and other broadband, high performance applications. It offers broadband frequency coverage with a minimal number of external components.

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