MilliBox announces that nine separate live demonstrations are displayed during the 2023 edition of the International Microwave Symposium in San Diego Calif. Three demonstrations are shown at MilliBox booth 1914 and six others will be shown by partners and customers.

Booth 1914: MilliBox shows a full over-the-air test setup with capabilities in 6G sub-THz frequency band called D-Band. This demonstration brought together through cooperation with Copper Mountain Technologies, Eravant and Maury Microwave shows a full 3D radiation pattern from 110 GHz to 170 GHz being captured and displayed in real-time.

  • MilliBox also demonstrates its innovative approach to mmWave radar sensor testing with the combination of MBX32 chamber, GIM04-300x 3-axis antenna positioner and LIN04 linear actuated radar target controller. This brings news possibilities in radar characterization and tuning in mmWave and sub-THz domain.
  • Millibox showcases GIM05, its latest Spherical Roll 3-axis positioner, capable of native 3D radiation pattern with very wide unobstructed view angle.

Booth 1418: Eravant shows its integration of MilliBox antenna test system composed of a MBX02 chamber and a GIM04-230E with a pair of sub-THz frequency extenders and a VNA from Copper Mountain Technologies. This setup depicts a full D-Band benchtop over-the-air capture of a 120GHz radiation pattern.

Booth 1523: Maury Microwave shows the benefit of using its StabilityPlus line of RF cable assemblies for routing mmWave signals to a device under test mounted on MilliBox GIM04-230x 3-axis antenna positioner. Effectively routing RF signals in such a multi-axis positioner can be a challenge, but Maury’s flexible coax are amplitude and phase stable which make them ideal for such application.

Booth 1517: Copper Mountain Technologies uses a MilliBox MBX02 chamber and a GIM04-230 positioner to demonstrate a typical usage of their flagship USB VNA S5243 2-Port 44 GHz VNA for over-the-air 3D capture of mmWave radiation patterns. This demonstration shows a real time capture of a DUT in 5G NR FR2 band.

Booth 1918: TMYTEK showcases its mmWave BBox Lite beamformer system integrated in a compact mmWave test setup made of MBX02 and GIM04-230. This demonstration shows how to use TMYTEK beamformer in combination with MilliBox systems to design and capture phased array antenna performance.

Booth 2208: eV-Technologies displays the collaborative project EEMW4FIX comprised of a multi-channel correlator with a novel 3D printed lens, mounted on a MilliBox GIM04-230 3D positioner and tested with a Rohde & Schwarz benchtop ATS800B CATR. IEEE SDC9 competition: One of several student competitions organized by IEEE society this year asks students to compete for the best 3D-printed mmWave Antenna Design. MilliBox provides the portable anechoic 6 f.t chamber MBX03 and the GIM05-340 3D Spherical Roll 3-axis positioner, for the gain measurement of the contender’s designs, the key metric in this competition.