Microsemi Corp., a manufacturer of high performance analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, high reliability semiconductors and RF subsystems, announced that it has received volume orders from L-3 Security & Detection Systems to meet demand for ProVision™ Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) systems to be deployed in airports and other public and government facilities.

Microsemi is a strategic supplier to L-3 Security & Detection Systems, providing critical components for L-3's millimeter-wave (MMW)-based ProVision system. The ProVision includes Microsemi's SecureWave millimeter-wave transceiver and switch subsystem, which uses effective radio wave-based technology to image concealed objects.

"Microsemi is working with L-3 Security & Detection Systems to provide safe, efficient and non-intrusive technology that substantially improves security for multiple applications in both the public and private sectors," said James J. Peterson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Microsemi. "The bar has been raised for security at airports and other public facilities throughout the world, and Microsemi is committed to providing the highest level of safety and effectiveness available."

The millimeter-wave technology in the ProVision system utilizes safe radio waves to detect threats that may be hidden under a passenger's clothing. A broad variety of concealed materials, including both metallic and non-metallic items, can be found with the ProVision system. More than 500 ProVision systems have been ordered worldwide for airports, federal and state courthouses, correctional institutions, embassies, and border crossings.