Agilent Technologies Inc. and Tabor Electronics Ltd. announced an OEM agreement establishing Tabor as a provider of Agilent test solutions for the high-speed arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) market. An integral aspect of this OEM agreement is the all-new Agilent 81180A, a 4.2GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator that delivers exceptionally high dynamic range.

The 81180A leading features include:

• standard selectable output paths (DAC with 1 GHz bandwidth, 2 Vp-p DC coupled with 600 MHz bandwidth, and +/-5 dBm AC coupled with 1.5 GHz bandwidth);

• up to four channels, either separated or synchronized, with 10 ps skew control;

• a full range of standard, pulse and modulated built-in waveforms; and

• a unique sequencer with standard dynamic hop control.

“Many of our customers, especially in the aerospace and defense industry, are requesting higher bandwidth in conjunction with higher vertical resolution,” said Jürgen Beck, General Manager of Agilent’s Digital Photonic Test business. “The OEM agreement with Tabor strengthens our offerings in the high-speed arbitrary waveform generator market and makes certain we are addressing our customers’ test requirements for greater bandwidth and higher signal quality.”

“Tabor is proud to add Agilent to its shortlist of prestigious OEM clients,” said Ron Glazer, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Tabor. “Agilent’s vote of confidence in Tabor’s innovative technology is very important to Tabor, a leader in the arbitrary waveform generator marketplace.”