Tektronix and its partners will be showcasing new solutions ranging from components, instruments and systems at Booth 1033 during the IMS 2010 show. The integration of digital and analog RF is presenting engineers with a highly complex environment, necessitating a new generation of RF/microwave test tools. The solutions offered by Tektronix and its partners will cover the most challenging designs for radio and satellite communications development and test; radar and electronic warfare test applications; and spectrum management and surveillance.

Mesuro Ltd.Active load-pull solutions for amplifier design and characterization.

Since launching their active load pull system at IMS 2009, Mesuro has worked closely with customers to enhance its solution. At IMS 2010, Mesuro will be introducing the extension of active load pull to UHF applications to 200 MHz. In addition, Mesuro will be demonstrating its 150 W high power system with a 45 W GaN device from Cree.

The active harmonic load-pull solutions for amplifier design and nonlinear device characterization is transforming how amplifiers are designed and tested. This solution has 100 percent success in boosting the power and efficiency of solutions tested by traditional and conventional methods.

SenarioTekWideband microwave up/down conversion and system integration for radar and satellite communications applications.

Bandwidth – The widest bandwidth signal generation and analysis commercially available utilizing the Tektronix AWG7122B and DPO/DSA/MSO 70000 Series oscilloscopes. The ability to generate signals to 9.6 GHz in bandwidth with the AWG, analyze signals to 20 GHz in bandwidth using the Tektronix DPO/DSA70000 series oscilloscopes. Tailored wideband up and down converter solutions are available up to 50 GHz to suit customer specific requirements.

Performance – The ability to improve the microwave test performance by matching microwave up and down conversion from and to an IF (intermediate frequencies) that optimize the cost and performance of commercially available instruments from Tektronix. It also eliminates instabilities, cost and periodic calibration requirements of IQ modulator conversion techniques.

Multi-channel scalability – For multi-band radar and satellite communication frequencies, the inherent solution of test equipment from Tektronix and system integration capability from SenarioTek enables the flexibility to handle wideband and multi-band test needs.

X-COM SystemsSurveillance and Electronic Warfare recording solutions.

Demonstrating for the first time at IMS, X-COM will showcase its RF capture and playback solution integrated with the Tektronix RSA6000 Series Spectrum Analyzers. The combined solution offers seamless capture and recording of up to 50 minutes of all data across the 110 GHz acquisition bandwidth up to 20 GHz. With the recent acquisition of Precision Wave, X-COM has integrated the vector signal generator product into its solution. This new capability allows for playback and re-analysis of captured signals at RF frequencies.

MaxtekWideband data conversion modules and microelectronic engineering and manufacturing services.

With over 40 years experience providing turnkey services for custom microelectronics – from high-speed data converters and ball grid arrays to optical transceivers and RF modules – Maxtek enables next-generation military, medical and communications systems by providing quality design, assembly and test services for applications requiring high-reliability and performance devices.

Wideband data conversion – In demanding applications such as electronic warfare, digital radar and UWB communications, the need for instantaneous bandwidth often drives product design decisions. Access to Maxtek’s high-speed data converters – 6 GHz digitizers and 9 GHz DACs – provides the freedom to create innovative system architectures and the flexibility to rapidly transition from the analog to digital domain in wideband applications.

IC packaging – Maxtek provides turnkey services – design, assembly and test – for custom high-performance devices, applying extensive experience with a broad set of process technologies and materials to ensure delivery of quality microelectronics. ASIC design – Leveraging Tektronix IC design resources and intellectual property, Maxtek offers deep experience in the development of high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital devices. Our expertise spans a broad range of process technologies (CMOS, SiGe, GaAs and InP), enabling the selection of the optimal technology for your ASIC requirements.

RF/microwave modules – Maxtek’s experienced engineering and manufacturing teams deliver assembly and test services for RF/microwave modules where performance, reliability and quality are key requirements.

Component screening – Component test and screening services for high-reliability applications to ensure COTS parts meet the demanding requirements of military, space and commercial aerospace manufacturers.