Teledyne Electronics and Communications Europe has combined the resources of Teledyne Coax Switches and Teledyne Reynolds through the Teledyne Europe sales and marketing team. The European team is offering a package of microwave switching and interconnect products with next level design, manufacture and integration.

Each individual product is a leader in its own market and the combination of these products into integrated microwave solutions adds a new dimension to the Teledyne market presence. The target markets are aviation, space, military, data handling and communications.

Teledyne Coax Switches offers the differentiators of low losses, triboelectric behaviour and passive intermodulation, while Teledyne Reynolds UK adds the interconnect and next levels solutions capability to the package with Teledyne Storm microwave cables, standard and custom connectors, complete cable assemblies and design and build capabilities.

As such, the two Teledyne companies combine to offer complete microwave solutions from switches and cable sets through complex switch matrices to complete communications and data interconnect and switching systems. The ability to provide integrated customer solutions with through-life support is now a major part of the Teledyne Europe offering.