Nujira has announced that it is engaging with two undisclosed military customers, and is commencing development of Coolteq™ products for use in defense communications systems. In early evaluations with its customers, Nujira demonstrated a power saving of 30 percent for a Coolteq module using HAT™ High Accuracy Tracking, working in a typical military communications system environment.

The company is now developing a specific module for this application, based on the Coolteq-h module for cellular base stations. Potential applications for its Coolteq-l modulator for handsets and Coolteq-u modulator for broadcast transmitters are also being explored. The company expects to release a prototype in early 2010 with volume production later that year.

“Nujira Coolteq modulators can realize power savings of 30 to 50 percent for transmissions with a high peak to average power ratio and over a wide transmission bandwidth. New military radio systems such as the Joint Tactical Radio System feature complex modulation schemes and operate over bandwidths from 2 MHz to 2 GHz and would therefore benefit significantly from our technology,” said Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira.

He continued, “Nujira’s HAT™ technology is a proven solution that has halved the power consumptions of transmitters in cellular and broadcast applications, where similar challenges are seen. We are excited about the potential of our technology in this new market, which can make communications systems lighter and last longer on fewer batteries.”