On the heels of launching its Facebook fan page, AWR has now joined Twitter and is also a guest-host of a monthly blog on Microwave Journal's Web site as well. Discussions from the AWR guest blog will also be posted on AWRs Facebook and Twitter pages.

The current blog, "Business 101 - When times are tough you either need to figure out how to make more money or how to save it!," is a follow-on post to the debut blog, "Status Quo? Is this the right strategy for turbulent economic times?" Both blogs pull from recent articles that illustrate how business leaders are learning to use the current economic crisis as a catalyst to spark new ways of doing business. Future AWR blog topics will further examine issues related to this theme and more.

"AWR is very focused on customer service, and the latest social media sites really open the door for us to stay in touch with our customers," said Sherry Hess, AWR's Vice President of Marketing. "The more ways we can find to foster open communication with our customers, the more quickly we can respond to their needs. AWR is very proud of the fact that so many of its customers comment on the companys excellent customer service, and it intends to continue to strengthen this trust and reliance."