The new Quartzlock E8-X series of instruments is a breakthrough in exceptionally low-cost, traceable, calibration-free, off-air frequency and time standards.

Providing low-distortion 10 MHz sine and 1 PPS outputs, these reference instruments maintain the high frequency and time accuracy required for demanding applications.

A hydrogen maser is used in production testing and quality assurance to ensure compliance with offset and stability specifications.

Many versions of the E8-X are available, including PCB, low noise, very low noise and a military specification model. Suggested applications include: calibration and referencing of counters, frequency meters, spectrum and network analyzers, synthesizers and communication analysers; reference for VHF, UHF and PMR transmission, CDMA Tetra, digital TV and DAB; production test frequency standard; and network Time Protocol use in financial, utilities, security and communications applications.