Nuvotronics announced that its PolyStrata™ Microfabrication process is now available for use in commercial markets including RF electronics, medical and biomedical, and sensing. This process, originally developed under DARPA grant funding, has never before been released for commercial availability.

The PolyStrata Microfabrication Technology provides a way of producing very small and complex 3D structures out of metal and plastic. It is a breakthrough scalable manufacturing platform that promises to provide a path for new microfabricated devices. Nuvotronics offers flexible rapid prototyping through multi-user fabrication runs with availability starting in the fourth quarter of this year.

Nuvotronics is a small business that was established by a group of seasoned high-tech entrepreneurs in June of 2008. Nuvotronics acquired the Rohm and Haas Microfabrication business in Blacksburg, VA this past July. For more information on PolyStrata multi-user runs, please visit or email